Hip2Save is a team of hard-working, dedicated deal hunters that personally source and curate the best in-store deals, online bargains, freebies, budget-friendly recipes, travel tips, coupons, and much more.

With hundreds of deals being posted daily and traffic soaring to millions of page views a month, Hip2Save needed a platform that could scale with them.

We developed the solution to run on the WordPress VIP cloud-based hosting. The Hip2Save team has the freedom to publish as much content as they like without ever having to compromise speed or performance.

Becoming an Insider

Hip2Save is not just about providing the latest deals and coupons to its visitors, it is about a community of like-minded individuals on a mission to save. We wanted to give the opportunity for these deal-hunters to have a voice and share their findings with others. 

We developed the Hip2Save insiders, which allows logged in members to save deals to their HipList, rate and save recipes, and share their own deals with others through Hip2Share. Our Social login and registration plugin offers a passwordless experience to quickly gain access and join in on the fun.

Not Just Coupons

Built on a WordPress Multisite network, the Hip2Save team has the ability to roll out any number of sites contained within their network. Through theme customization options, Hip2Keto provides healthy recipes, keto deals & products, and dining guides to its audience.

Under the hood, structured data tags give recipes a boost in search performance and displays information such as reviewer ratings, cooking and preparation times, and nutrition information.

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