WordPress & VIP

As the first and only Canadian based VIP Featured Partner Agency, we have exclusive access to the WordPress VIP collaboration and support team that allows us to provide unparalleled value and an exceptional development expertise for our clients. VIP is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands, broadcasters, and publishers, as well as by government and educational institutions. Our team of experts can assist you with custom-built themes, plugins, code review, content migration, and consultation. We specialize in large-scale projects that fully align with your business goals.

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Customer Identity Management

Collect more data, build rich, identity-based profiles, and turn unknown site visitors into loyal customers with our Customer Identity Management solutions.

Our solutions help you build meaningful relationships with your audience, leading to better customer experiences, relevant, targeted messaging, and improved ROI on your marketing campaigns.

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Strategic Marketing

Connect with your audience on deeper levels with an omnichannel digital strategy that integrates social media, email marketing, contests, microsites, and search engine marketing (SEM). Develop meaningful customer relationships by leveraging various media channels, social tools, and integrated digital marketing resources.

We not only build the system, we also manage it. Concentrate on running your business, and leave your digital brand strategy to us.

User Experience (UX)

Deliver the best user experience (UX) possible with our unique design approach to your entire online operation. Tie your business model and brand image to your UX strategy to encourage longer and more frequent website visits.

Develop a user interface (UI) that demonstrates your understanding of your customers’ goals, preferences, and tendencies. Improve customer loyalty and retention with a UI that’s easy to use, consistent with your brand, and contains simple, clear content that looks great and smoothly functions on any mobile device or screen size.


Sell anything online, at any time, to anyone anywhere while providing a memorable customer experience. Our customized e-commerce solutions are designed to increase transactional immediacy, customer retention, and overall revenue.

Streamline supply chain logistics with a front and back-end integration solution, ensuring total accuracy and smooth coordination between your inventory tracking, order fulfillment, and reporting systems. Boost sales with a solution that is fully compatible with mobile devices without compromising security.