Verde fastframe

Verde fastframe is an easy to setup and cost effective alternative to display advertising which offers a wide variety of display signage for personal use to retail and commercial use. Their website is more than a product info site. The website offers information about additional services, previous work, history about verde, a blog, how to manuals and additional resources, to name a few.

Trew Knowledge, in collaboration with Verde fastframe was tasked to develop a work-plan to create a website that allowed easy content updates, a visually appealing design, easily accessible resources for website visitors, all while having optimized performance.

Trew Knowledge outlined the digital strategy for creating a multi-purpose website which showcased the Verde fastframe product, while also designing and developing the final website. The result was a clean, fast, and well designed marketing tool which incorporated the industry best practices for user experience and website functionality. Built on the WordPress platform, the website was developed in a way which made it easy for website administrators to update website content. In addition, the design aligned with the brand standards of Verde fastframe, making sure that the brand was easily recognized and outlined for website visitors.