The Junk Boys

The Junk Boys is a locally owned & operated full service junk removal company serving southern Ontario, specifically the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and surrounding areas, with exceptional quality of service and affordable rates.

Their goal is provide a friendly and affordable service to those who need junk removal services and aim to make that process and quick and painless as possible. Aside from the fact that their trucks are 25% larger then the competitions, allowing for more loads and better rates; The Junk Boys wanted their Brand and website to stand out against the rest and make the booking process very simple.

Trew Knowledge set out to design and develop a responsive website that could support the online booking requests and also was visually appealing to make users comfortable about their decision. We used the company’s Brand Standards to create a very friendly and approachable look and feel that could be used across any device.

Coupled with a modern WordPress platform for easy updates and management of content, The Junk Boys Marketing team received a tool that they could use to create and manage their own content to support other marketing initiatives.