Courses & Seminars

Courses & Seminars is a provider of continuing education and professional training for individuals in the legal, accounting, compliance, financial risk management, and financial services industries. Since their founding in 2001 in Hong Kong, Courses & Seminars has organized over 1,500 courses, seminars & conferences which attract individuals from different fields. By creating a hub for individuals to continue their own professional development, Courses & Seminars continues to lead the way by providing supplemental resources while drawing on its vast network of professionals.

Leading strategy, UX design, creative design and web development, Trew Knowledge was tasked with creating a website solution that modernized a legacy system of business operations and provided a solution that would not only replace the existing system for driving online business, but would also enhance the customer experience by providing an in-depth dynamic content experience to showcase the multitude of services & courses offered. From an administrative perspective,  the solution also required Trew Knowledge to introduce additional control and flexibility to the website overall and make it easy to manage, update and process online sales.

Trew Knowledge built the solution on WordPress, integrated with WooCommerce cart system and customized the software to deliver various pricing models, administrative controls for variable products, in addition to providing end-to-end order management fulfillment for their customers. The result was a clean, modern design that optimized the various content types being showcased that was secure, fast and able to scale in peak scenarios.