Awwnimals is the one stop website for videos containing the quirky nature of the worlds domestic and wild animals. With a popular following, the site has grown to include hundreds of videos and images of different animals.

Trew Knowledge was tasked to create a video and picture database for the internet’s top animal related content. Web users can hashtag their own footage or pictures on whichever social media platform is supported and will in turn have their videos posted by the Awwnimals team if the video meets certain privacy policies. All videos posted were also required to be categorized between different species of animals as well as have other filter options such as top rated, most viewed and the newest videos posted.

The result was a clean and functional website which promote ease of access for web users and aesthetically appealing themes. The website ties into the playful nature of the videos that are posted, and offers social engagement to incentivize site visitors to interact with videos and one another.

Some standout features include a single page lazy load which generates more video options without reloading the page. A commenting section where a site visitor can leave their comments on the video and a tagging option which helps categorize videos into different groups.