Almag Aluminum

As a reputable industry leader in precision aluminum extrusions, ALMAG Aluminum provides expertise that is unmatched when it comes to providing complex aluminum extrusions that test the limits of design and material to make a product that delivers best in class engineering while incorporating short lead times. Each aluminum extrusion is created to a high industry standard ensuring high quality every time. Since 1953 ALMAG Aluminum has lead the way to create a truly superior product.

Trew Knowledge was tasked with creating a strategy for design and development of a responsive website that highlighted the high standards of the process of creating exceptional aluminum extrusions. The strategy created an optimized visualization of the relationship between a superior product and the speed at which undertakings for customers are completed. With a product based website, we concluded that the website be fully compatible with mobile, devices and offered a personalized and innovative look and feel to create a comfortable environment for web users.

The end result was a clean and modern representation of the brand which matched the demographic of potential web users and the projected experience they were looking for and would ultimately get. The website creates a structured layout which highlights relevant information and makes it simple for a site visitor to understand the process that ALMAG goes through to create their product.

The standout features include dynamic request for information forms, an easy to use navigation, WordPress CMS system creating easy content updates for site administration, integration of social sharing and a dynamic news page and archive.

As a separate initiative, Trew Knowledge was tasked with highlighting ALMAG through the use of OOH advertising. The design of this creative ensured that it not only stood out as a unique advertisement but also included the brand standards of ALMAG in doing so.