GDPR Data Compliance: Is Your Organization Ready?

What is GDPR and what does it mean for your business?

Data compliance will be changing as we know it and the deadline is right around the corner becoming effective May 25, 2018. Recently, several EU member states created a document containing detailed and strict enforcement guidelines for data privacy and compliance when it comes to collecting and storing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of an EU Citizen. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was made to outline and influence how data privacy and protection will be standardized for the EU, along with the requirements for any organization outside of the European Union, globally. These regulations are said to become the precedent for other countries to follow in the near future.

What is the impact on Organizations?

The GDPR will change the way data is captured, processed, and handled in general and allow for users to have much more control over how and with whom they share their information with. In a world where data privacy has become a crucial concern, the importance of Privacy by Design is changing the way Organizations need to prepare, design, and plan for digital experiences to ensure they are compliant in order to avoid significant penalties.

Noncompliance will be strictly enforced and can have a significant financial consequence with penalties of up to €20 million, or four percent of annual global revenue; whichever is higher.

How do you prepare for the change?

Trew Knowledge can help prepare your organization for the shift and bring your technological ecosystem and identity storage into compliance by providing a Data Protection Audit that highlights the areas required for compliance and introduce a Gigya Customer Identity & Access Management (cIAM) solution.  As the leading provider of cIAM, a Gigya solution provides the necessary foundation and standard features to meet all aspects of privacy by design and compliance to protect your organization and your users for the future.

We can help you understand the regulations and their impacts, provide the necessary Gigya platform to support your technological ecosystem, and perform the implementation as a service or guide your team through the process.


Why is Data Privacy important?

of respondents from a 2017 survey conducted by Gigya do not trust brands to handle their personal information, from name and email to location and marital status.

of respondents are concerned with device security and privacy with the increased adoption of IoT devices.

of respondents use 7 or fewer passwords across their devices which is an indicator of poor password habits.

How can we help?

Trew Knowledge is a Solution Provider to Gigya and has the experience necessary to provide an easy transition for businesses to be compliant with the GDPR and implement the technology across digital properties whether it is on mobile or desktop devices.

Gigya’s CIAM platform provides customer registration, login, and preference management — often across multiple digital properties — in order to build rich customer profiles. These profiles can be used for profile and consent management, enabling businesses to control their captured consumer personal data in a transparent and centralized manner across many sites and apps. In order to do this consistently and at massive scale, Gigya employs a set of technical, strategic, and design principles known as “Privacy by Design.” Privacy by design — a collection of data privacy best practices — is built into the Gigya platform, woven through our technical implementation and product design, and taught to our clients as a foundational principle. Privacy by design elements include consent management strategy, data auditing, data extraction, data deletion, freezing of data processing, and more.

Using these principles, Gigya’s CIAM platform can help businesses address many of the requirements of the GDPR and other data protection and privacy regulations. These best practices are based on self-assessments from clients’ legal and business teams and are important for delivering transparency and control to customers regarding their personal data.

Elements of Privacy by Design

Consent Management

Ensuring consent is stored for specific versions of Terms of Service (TOS) with the ability to re-grant consent if TOS is changed. Detecting customer age for legal age of consent compliance which also includes parental consent

Customer Data Control

Complete consumer control over their personal data. Allow consumers to easily view, freeze, download or delete their personal information.

Data Localization

Need to store your data internationally? Gigya makes it easy to address these issues, with data centers across North America, Europe, Russia, China, and Australia.

Social Compliance

Gigya manages TOS for more than 25 social networks. Syncs personal data between profiles and social networks in real time and deletes all non-public data based on the customer permissions.


Enables businesses to provide default support for Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) for quick and easy to use opt-in and opt-out options. Allows businesses to create and modify custom rules specific to a particular country’s laws and regulations.

Children’s Privacy

Have peace of mind knowing children are protected on the internet. Provides age restrictions and legal age of consent options specific to a country while removing records of individuals below the age of consent automatically.

Speak with our experts and become compliant before the deadline

The new regulation could not only affect your business practices, but also your IT infrastructure. Our goal is to help you become compliant with the help of Gigya to make sure that your business is within the requirements of GDPR, your consumers have full control of their personal information and permissions surrounding their data. Contact us today!