AI This Week: Breakthroughs from Nvidia, Google, Amazon, and Visla’s Video Innovations

In this week’s roundup of AI advancements, we cover a spectrum of impactful developments from leading tech giants and a breakthrough in video production technology. Nvidia has expanded the capabilities of its AI chatbot, is investing heavily in AI education, and Amazon has rebranded its AI coding tool to serve a broader range of applications better. Additionally, we feature Visla, an AI-powered platform that simplifies professional video creation for users of all skill levels. 

Nvidia Enhances ChatRTX with New AI Models and Voice Query Capabilities

In a significant update to its ChatRTX platform, Nvidia has introduced several enhancements that expand the functionality of its AI-driven chatbot. Launched initially as a demo called “Chat with RTX,” the tool is designed to run locally on PCs equipped with RTX 30- or 40-series GPUs. This week, Nvidia announced that ChatRTX now supports a broader range of AI models, including Google’s Gemma, ChatGLM3, and OpenAI’s CLIP model, allowing users to leverage powerful AI capabilities directly from their desktops. Including these models enables ChatRTX users to interact more effectively with personal documents and local photo data, making searching and analyzing vast amounts of information more accessible. 

Featured Image: Nvidia

One of the most user-friendly updates is the integration of Whisper, Nvidia’s AI speech recognition system, which now allows for voice queries. This means users can now interact with ChatRTX using spoken commands, significantly improving accessibility and ease of use. Launches $75M AI Opportunity Fund to Boost U.S. Workforce Skills has announced the AI Opportunity Fund, allocating $75 million to enhance AI skills across the U.S. This initiative aims to prepare over one million Americans for the evolving job market by funding top-tier workforce development and educational organizations.

The fund is a response to the critical skill gaps highlighted by the World Economic Forum, as only half of today’s workers have access to essential AI training. It targets a broad audience, including rural and underserved workers, public sector employees, students, educators, small businesses, and nonprofits.

A central component of this initiative is the Google AI Essentials course, available online and designed to teach foundational AI skills and best practices without requiring prior experience or degrees. Through partners like Goodwill Industries International, the program promises to deliver widespread, accessible training.

Featured Image: Google

Amazon Revamps AI Assistive Tool: Introducing Q Developer

Amazon has rebranded its AI-powered coding assistant, formerly known as CodeWhisperer, to Q Developer. This update, announced on April 30, 2024, is part of a broader initiative to integrate this tool into Amazon’s Q family of business-oriented AI solutions. Q Developer is designed to support a variety of development tasks, including debugging, app upgrading, and security scanning, enhancing the toolset available to developers.

Doug Seven, AWS’s GM and director of AI developer experiences, stated that the rebranding aims to align the tool with a wider set of use cases, moving beyond simple code generation. Q Developer now also includes capabilities like SQL code generation, automated testing, and applying developer-suggested code changes.

Featured Image: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A key feature of the new Q Developer is its “Agents,” which autonomously handle tasks like feature implementation, documentation, and code refactoring. These agents are designed to improve efficiency by managing the code upgrading process, such as transitioning Java code from older versions to the latest standards.

Q Developer is free but offers limited functionality, including a cap on the number of monthly tasks and queries. For those needing more robust capabilities, Q Developer Pro is offered at $19 per month per user. This plan includes higher usage limits and intellectual property indemnity to protect against third-party claims.

Spotlight on AI:

This week’s feature spotlights Visla, an innovative AI-powered video creation and editing platform designed to democratize video production. Visla enables users to generate professional-quality videos with ease, regardless of their prior experience.

Featured Image: Visla

Key Features of Visla

AI-Powered Automation: Visla provides many automated tools, including storyboarding, scripting, B-roll, voiceovers, and subtitles. This comprehensive support allows users to create videos from scratch using minimal inputs.

Versatile Video Generation: The platform supports various content types, enabling the creation of videos using free, premium, or private stock footage. Users can also record directly from screens, phones, webcams, and even during meetings for dynamic product demonstrations.

Advanced Editing Tools: In addition to automated editing, Visla offers manual video editing capabilities. Users can modify scripts, merge clips, make cuts, and clean up their videos to ensure they meet professional standards.

Enhanced Branding Options: Videos can be enhanced with calls to action, voiceovers, subtitles, and branded elements like intros and outros, making them ideal for business and marketing purposes.

Collaborative Features: Visla supports team collaborations by allowing users to share comments and embed videos into other applications, facilitating seamless team projects.

Visla is available for free sign-up, with extensive features that cater to a wide range of business needs. 

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