GDPR Data Compliance: Are You Compliant?

Data compliance will be changing as we know it and is right around the corner. Recently, several EU member states created a document containing detailed and strict enforcement guidelines for data privacy and compliance. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was made to outline and influence how data privacy and protection should be standardized worldwide.

The GDPR will change the way data is captured, processed, and handled in general. In a world where many believe data privacy needs to be improved, the GDPR has created a precedent that will force business and organizations to be compliant. Gigya, the leader in Customer Identity and Access Management offers standard functions which will ensure that all aspects of data compliance in relation to GDPR are checked off for your company or organization. Through Gigya’s Privacy by Design program, your business or organization will be able to leverage customer information to help you achieve the requirements of GDPR.

Consumer Statistics

68% of respondents from a 2017 survey conducted by Gigya do not trust brands to handle their personal information, from name and email to location and marital status.

69% are concerned with device security and privacy with the increased adoption of IoT devices.

70% of respondents use 7 or fewer passwords across their devices which is an indicator of poor password habits.

Fortunately, Trew Knowledge as a CIAM solution provider can offer an easy transition for businesses who must be compliant with the GDPR regulations while offering peace-of-mind to consumers. Gigya offers a variety of functions and services, establishing your business as a compliant and trustworthy business

Consent Management

Ensuring consent is stored for specific versions of Terms of Service (TOS) with the ability to re-grant consent if TOS is changed. Detecting customer age for legal age of consent compliance which also includes parental consent

Customer Data Control

Complete consumer control over their personal data. Allow consumers to easily view, freeze, download or delete their personal information.

Data Localization

Need to store your data internationally? Gigya makes it easy to address these issues, with data centers across North America, Europe, Russia, China, and Australia.

Social Compliance

Gigya manages TOS for more than 25 social networks. Syncs personal data between profiles and social networks in real time and deletes all non-public data based on the customer permissions.


Enables businesses to provide default support for Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) for quick and easy to use opt-in and opt-out options. Allows businesses to create and modify custom rules specific to a particular country’s laws and regulations.

Children’s Privacy

Have peace of mind knowing children are protected on the internet. Provides age restrictions and legal age of consent options specific to a country while removing records of individuals below the age of consent automatically.

Become Compliant Before the Deadline

The new regulation could not only affect your business practices, but also your IT infrastructure. Our goal is to help you become compliant with the help of Gigya to make sure that your business is within the regulations of GDPR and your consumers have full access to their personal information and the permissions surrounding that information. Through Gigya’s CIAM platform, we can create flexible, scalable, and secure customer identity solutions for you so you can build trustworthy and lasting customer relationships.